Another Second Penny Inn
870 Pequot Trail, Stonington, CT  06378

Weekday Special Pricing beginning Sept. 15, 2014!
In response to changing travel patterns over the past several years we have lowered
our weekday prices and implemented a modified continental-style breakfast.
We hope this will accommodate our guests' desire for more economical travel as
well as a wide variety of activities, food preferences and sleep patterns.  Please visit
the Menu page for more information.

Two night weekend minimum stay required:  April 1 through October 31.
Three night minimum stay required for most holidays.

Check Availability & Reserve Online
or by phone at (860) 535-1710

Please check the availablility calendar above for current rates for the room and dates that interest you.

Children over the age of 8 years are welcome in their own room or in the Russell Suite
(extra charge of $40-$75/night for a child in the Russell Suite depending on age and length of stay.) 
For the comfort of all of our guests we do not host children under the age of 8 (exceptions may be made during slow periods or for family rentals.)

Occupancy tax is 15%.

Packages, Specials & Add-ons ...

Are you familar with  If you're looking for a room in a wonderful historic home, without all the B&B extras,
you might want to consider booking with us through our listing.  It's not the same as our usual B&B offering (no choice of rooms,
fewer in-room amenities) but it is exactly what some folks are looking for so we offer it as an option.

Special Indulgences!

Please do not hesitate to call or email us if we can be of
any assistance in planning your trip.  We're happy to help!
                          Jim and Sandra Wright

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