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Tommy Dorsey
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Tommy Comes Home, January 10, 2013
Tommy Comes Home
Our latest rescue is an 18 year old Morgan-draft cross.  At least, that's the best guess!  He has shown himself to be gaited: walk/running walk/canter so there could be some Tennessee Walker in there, too.

His name is Tommy, he stands 14 hands tall and arrived in pretty good shape, all things considered.  (The New Holland livestock auction is a tough place to be for a horse.) 

Tommy is teaching Kelly that he's in charge but otherwise, pays no never mind to Hobo and loves peppermint treats from us.  He's gaining some weight and relaxing as he settles in. 

If you'd like to meet Tommy we're happy to turn off the electric fence and introduce you!

Tommy & Sandra
Tommy with Jim and Sandra

Tommy Grazing

Further examination by the vet makes us think that Tommy is probably closer to 23 years old and as he shed out his winter coat a beautiful liver chestnut summer coat appeared.  We know nothing about his history ...

Tommy in profile

Buddies A winter picture of Tommy and his best friend, Inspector Morse.


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